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What is “Bank On It”

You’re probably wondering why this cheesy phrase is looking back at you as you look for your Cincinnati sports news today.

Allow me to explain what Bank On It is all about…

Much like Grant Doepel’s The Doodlethis section of the site will cover more than just sports. I may delve into TV, movies, music, or any story I deem note worthy.

This section won’t be for everyone. I’m going to be myself, which means I won’t hold my thoughts or feelings back. So when I take a shot at your favorite athlete, team or musician, don’t take it personally. We aren’t going to agree on everything and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This won’t be a place for politically correct articles where I try appease everyone. I’m going to be very opinionated…you can Bank On It!

Matt Banks

Matt Banks

Senior Writer at Riverfront City Sports
Covering sports and coaching basketball are my passions. Huge Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics and Kentucky Wildcats fan. Very passionate and opinionated.
Matt Banks

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