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NBA Rejoices With LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland

“The Return” by LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers is as good as it gets as far as storylines go. This would even have writers from the WWE standing in applause. This decision was perfect for the Cavs, James and for the entire NBA.

The Cavs were irrelevant after James left four years ago. They were winning 60 plus games a season with him. Everything was rolling and then James saw an opportunity with the Miami Heat that may not have come around again. Everybody, including me, were trashing James but he made the right choice. In our hearts, we knew we would have done the same thing. Nobody liked the way he handled switching teams back then, but it was the best opportunity to achieve his goals at that time.

People often forget the NBA is a business. These guys play the game to win and be the best. At that time, the Cavs weren’t James’ best option. I’m sure any person with a “normal job” would jump at the chance to work with better teammates and have the chance to be at the top of their industry.

Looking at the current Cavs roster, I don’t think they are close to winning a title – at least not yet. I know people are all excited about getting James back, and he will make every player better, but this team is still very young and untested.

Kyrie Irving is a good offensive guard, but doesn’t play a lick of defense. Think he can guard Tony Parker or Russell Westbrook?

Who knows if Andrew Wiggins will be able to hold his own at the NBA level?

Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao are solid role players who will be boosted by the addition of James.

Then there are curious players like Anthony Bennett and Dion Waters. Who knows if these guys will even be on the roster?

I think we all expect the Cavs to mold this roster a little more to fit LeBron. When If they get Mike Miller or Ray Allen it helps, but those guys can’t be counted on for significant minutes anymore.

If Cleveland somehow swings a deal for Kevin Love I think that will allow them to be true title contenders. However, I don’t think there is any scenario that doesn’t have them shipping Wiggins away in that deal.

The reason this is a great decision for James is because it obviously restores his credibility. There are plenty of people that won’t ever like James. Those people should get over themselves because he, nor anyone else cares anymore. This guy is the best player in the world and to ignore his accomplishments due to spite, is frankly childish.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned in my life is that you can’t please everyone. LeBron will continue to make enemies no matter what decisions he makes. He has realized this and that’s how he chooses to do business. He chooses the best thing for he and his family, just like anyone else would. He’s an incredible athlete and seems larger than life, but he isn’t. He’s not a King nor a God. He’s human just like you and I. He’s full of mistakes and emotions and now he’s playing to those emotions.

He has money, cars, houses, MVP trophies, and titles but he’s lacking the most important thing…closure. He knew he let a lot of people down four years ago. You could tell it hurt him and that he wanted to make it right. That’s why he never ruled out a return home. He knew he needed to eventually rebuild that bridge, and he is doing just that.

Now that he has made this choice, THIS is his legacy. I think rivaling the six titles of Michael Jordan takes a backseat now. Bringing a title to Cleveland is more important in his heart. He will be untouchable if he brings the city it’s first professional championship since the 1960’s. I think people respect the fact that he is willing to carry that on his shoulders for his city.

Finally, the NBA executives have to be loving this. The attention that the league will get surrounding next season will be astronomical. LeBron is the hottest commodity in the league and when he moves that’s a good thing. It means more new jersey sales, more tickets being sold, all amounting to more cash for the league.

The biggest thing this does for the league is it effectively starts the free agency period. Now that James is off the market, other players can start moving around.

Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol, Dwyane Wade, and even Chandler Parsons can now move. Teams can make trades to surround those guys with necessary talent. It’s the perfect storm for the league. The domino’s will start to fall and all the cities in the league will begin to get their own notoriety for their moves while establishing belief in their teams for the 2014-15 season.

The most important thing the league can sell is hope. Hope is what makes sports great. It’s what makes fans purchase merchandise and season tickets – it’s what boost TV ratings and attendance.

LeBron has restored hope in Cleveland and in the hearts of all of those that believe in doing the right thing. He believes bringing his career full-circle like this is the right thing to do in his heart and soul. If you aren’t cheering for this guy and his city then there’s something wrong with you.


Picture By: Noah Graham/Getty Images

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